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Hello, I’m

Joshua T. Boswell

Yes! You Can Achieve Your dreams

and Fulfill Your Divine Purpose

You were born to greatness. You have dreams for a reason… they are divine markers to help show you the way in life.

My mission is to inspire you to fulfill your purpose. I help you:

  • Create Success Systems – Win At ANYTHING You Choose
  • Build Daily Winning Habits – Success is hammered out on the anvil of small, daily, high-leverage actions
  • Leverage Technology – Maximize new tech to maximize results
  • Build Strong Relationships – In the AI Age, Relationships are the most valuable currency
  • Discover and Fulfill Your Divine Purpose – The greatest level of peace, joy and wealthy is only possible when you’re in harmony with your Purpose

The Game Habit Course

The #1 Strategy for Creating Success and Achieving ALL Your Goals Fast and Joyfully


7-Step System to help you reach your goals in: Health, Relationships, Wealthy, and Time Management.

Wellness Masterclass

Discover the secrets to enjoying the best you in 4 categories: Health, Relationships, Wealth and Time Management.

Business Growth and Profits

We’ve helped over 35,000 entrepreneurs and companies achieve revenue goals.

Joyful Relationships

Strengthen the relationships that matter most: God, Family, Friends, Business.

Speaking and Writing Mastery

Master the art of public speaking, webinar, 1-1 conversations and persuasive writing.


Happy Students


Training Videos

Expert Interviews

Create a New Reality.

Unlock Your Full Potential.

Get Clarity:

You Only Hit the Targets You Aim For

Clarity – an exact image of who you are, what you want to achieve, and the steps to win – is the first step to success in life.

We help you get total clarity on your purpose and dreams.

Success Systems

Discover the secrets to achieving ANYTHING you set your mind to do.

Yes! You can when you have a Success System. The model for success has changed because of A.I.. You don’t need more information… you need a simple, effective system for turning your dreams into reality. A system that will make use of this unlimited knowledge that we now have.

Business Profits and Financial Wealth

I created the Bridge Builder Method because life is not just about making money and growing your company…

It’s about having time and money to do things that matter most in life.

We’ve consulted top companies in the world. My book gives you the secrets to their growth and profit.

Unlock the Game Habit…
The #1 Secret to Achieving Your Goals

What people like you are saying…

I have never met anyone as motivating, inspiring and yet down to earth as Joshua Boswell. I walked away (more like soared away) from the event with a better understanding of who I am, what I want, what I can do, and what I need to do. My ROI from this event will be off the charts. ~ Murray Beaulieu

Murray Beaulieu, CEOTrebuchet Solution

I feel like I got some very useful, practical direction for getting past that barrier of uncertainty. Way to go Joshua, this was everything I anticipated!

Jerry Bures

I highly endorse Joshua’s holistic approach to teaching and mentoring: He teaches the whole person. His sincere interest is in people reaching their potential personally as well as professionally.His energy and teaching style are second to none. I am eternally grateful to Joshua for his guidance.

Lisa Bjornstad

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