I received an email not long ago asking for advice on how to go from zero to full time, successful copywriter in the next 12 months.

In a flurry, I pounded out the following email… I thought you might like to read it. smile emoticon

******Email Start*******

Hello (Not telling you the name!),

I will share with you a very simple secret…

Anyone can go full time in copywriting in around 8-18 months IF (and it is a very, very big IF), they will do the following:

  1. Decide on a niche or market to focus on
  2. Build a simple website and information packet that shows they are a professional
  3. Choose 1-3 methods of marketing themselves (Social Media, cold calls, articles, networking, etc…)
  4. Make 10-20 contacts a day with qualified prospects or people that will lead to qualified prospects (publishers, other marketers, etc…)
  5. Repeat this over and over and over again (for at LEAST one year) until they start closing clients and making money.

The problem is this:

  • Few people will decide on a niche. They hum and haw and think… but never decide.
  • Even fewer will put together a website and info packet (lots of decisions about pricing, offer, samples, etc… Its hard work!)
  • Even fewer will decide on a marketing strategy (too scary, out of their comfort zone, etc…)
  • Only a tiny fraction will begin marketing.
  • An even smaller number will actually stick with it. They will do it for 5, 10, 20 or 30 days, not make piles of money and then give up.
  • Those that will actually see it through, be diligent and consistent, booking time out of their schedule every day (or at least regularly), can and will most assuredly become a really, really profitable copywriter.

Your love of family, your passion for cancer patients, and your deep desire to win are all wonderful. But, this battle is won in the daily, boring, routine of doing simple, easy things to market yourself.

That is where the battle is won. Doing simple things repeatedly over an 8-18 month period of time.

If you’ll do that, then I’m sure we’ll meet as peers and you’ll be financially successful as a writer.

I wish you all the best.


****End of Email****

Are there details in those steps?


Are they complicate?


The key is being decisive and consistent. A year is not that long. Go for it!!

God bless you that you may make decisions quickly and be fearless in being consistent.

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