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Writing & Coaching

Writing and Coaching

Writing & Coaching

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Joshua T. Boswell

Joshua T. Boswell

My friend Perry Marshall calls people like me “Renaissance Man” … which is a nice way to say that I have a lot of interests and passions.

I love my family more than anything. Marriage and family relationships really fascinate me. I know if you’re not happy at home, you’re not happy.

I’m also a bit of marketing junkie. Few things rock more than helping a company explode their profits.

I love writing and helping writers realize their dreams.

And, of course, I’m passionate about speaking and training. Here again, I get a kick out of seeing the lights come on and helping people find joy in new insights, strategies and results.

I’ll write about all of these things and more. I guess you could say I love life and joy… for myself and others.

Where to Find Your Most Profitable Customers

Online customers can be found in one of two places. When you understand the differences of these two sources, you’ll be able to create an effective content and marketing strategy to find your most profitable customers.

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Any Port in the World – One Port at a Time

My great grandpa Boswell accomplished an insane amount of things in his lifetime... all without the technology resources we have today.How did he ... and other incredible pioneer men and women of the day - do it?He used an incredibly simple - but powerful - principle...

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I Write Great Copy


I Help Writers Win

Need Great Copy?

Corel, Sony, Google, Toshiba, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and dozens of other companies trust me to write mission critical content and persuasive messages.

Do you need great copy? Find out more here.

Want to Live the Writer’s Life?

Are you a writer? Do you want more clients and a better lifestyle.

I’ve helped thousands of writers like you and just might be able to help you, too. Click here to find out more.

I Speak and Train on

Gaining Instant Trust


Total Success… Success at home, at the office, with marketing campaigns, and everything else in your life… is based on your ability to gain trust.

Oh, and you have to keep it or life really stinks. 😉


I want Joshua to train my team on how to gain and retain trust. Trust speeds up business and grows profits.


I want Joshua to help me be more influential in my career and personal life by giving me powerful strategies for gaining and retaining trust.


Electrify Your Next Event

“Joshua is one of the most gifted speakers and crowd pleasers I have ever seen. If you want to electrify your next event — or if you need to breathe life into your video presentations — Josh is the man for you. Highly recommended!”

Clayton Makepeace

President, ResponseInk

Joshua became my coach

“I first became aware of Joshua Boswell through American Writers and Artists Institute where I was working hard to improve my skills as a marketing copywriter and he was becoming a recognized force in the industry. Joshua became my coach and through relating his personal struggles and successes, he inspired me in our weekly sessions to battle through my own insecurities and fears. The point is.. he’s really had a positive influence on my career and I highly recommend him as a coach, a copywriter and a consultant.”

John Wiggill

Writer at Marjon Enterprises Inc

Deep understanding of people

“Joshua has a deep understanding of people because he really, truly cares. That shows in the quality of his questions and the depth of his hearing what you DO and what you DON’T SAY. He provides a level of insight I’ve rarely experienced and which is invaluable when you’re formulating your strategies and action plan. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn from him. He is wise beyond his years.”

Mary Planding

Founder & CEO of Inbound Marketing Squad

Easy to Work With

“Joshua is an extremely engaging writer, full of innovative ideas, and very easy to work with. We have worked with Joshua successfully this past year and look forward to working with him on many more projects.”

Katie Yeakle

AWAI Executive Director

Spectacularly Good Speaker

“Joshua is a spectacularly good speaker and Master of Ceremonies. He maintains a high level of enthusiasm throughout the event, but never wears out his welcome with the audience. He connects personally to each member of the audience, helps put the other speakers’ messages in context, and constantly reinforces the overall theme of the conference or convention. I would recommend him highly for any event.”

Richard Armstrong

Richard Armstrong & Co.

Scrupulously Honest

“In a work environment that seems to have more than its share of scoundrels, liars, and outright thieves, Joshua is truly a shining exception. He is scrupulously honest, practices only the highest of business ethics, is of impeccable moral character, and treats his clients with respect and dignity. Quite simply, his honor and integrity are beyond reproach.”

Randl Ockey

Principal Wheelwright Publishing

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